Denarii Cash enable money transfer using digital wallet that offers a secure and convenient way to pay bills, send money and receive money easily anytime. With Denarii cash, you can do the following without the hassle!

  • Send and Receive Money

You can now send money to your friends and family without the long queues in bank and remittance centers! You just need to provide their full name, email address, mobile number, or bank account details. 

  • Pay utility bills and your Pag-Ibig Fund and SSS

With Denarii Cash, we make everything convenient for you! Even you are in UAE, you can pay your MERALCO and cable bills—anytime, anywhere! You can also pay your Social Security System and  Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) or Pag-ibig Fund with just a few clicks. 

You can also pay your DEWA and and SALIK through the app! 

  • Recharge DU and Etisalat Accounts

Out of load? You can easily recharge through Denarii Cash App. 

  • Be a cashpoint partner!

Being a cashpoint partner enables you to earn via Denarii! Because Denarii Cash aims to help OFWs to save and send more money, we offer you an easy way to earn. 

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