You can easily create your Denarii Cash account. Good thing is, it's free! You may create an account on your mobile phone whether iOS or Android. 

Creating your Account
On your mobile, simply search and download Denarii Cash on Play Store or App Store.

To sign up, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Denarii Cash app. You may register using Facebook, email or mobile number.
    - If you choose the Enter with Facebook option, simply provide your Facebook email address and password.
    - If you choose the Sign Up option, register your email address, password, and your mobile number.

  2. After providing your mobile number or email address, and preferred password, click Sign Up.

IMPORTANT: When choosing your password, please use a unique password composed of at least one number and a minimum of 8 characters. Please do not use a password that you have already used with another website or service.  

  1. You will be led to the verification screen. Type in the 5-digit code that was sent by Denarii team to your email.

  2. Welcome! You’ve successfully created your account.

NOTE: You will have to provide a 4-digit PIN Code upon registration. Make sure to remember the code as this will be your code every time you log in to Denarii Cash. 

Now you can start sending and receiving money and more!

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