1. To add money to your wallet, launch the Denarii Cash app.

2. On the home page, click on the menu button on the upper left corner. Click on TOP UP.

3. You can choose from the following options to top up:

A. KIOSK - Enter the amount to send then click Confirm.  On the MBME kiosk, look for Denarii Cash then enter the Reference Number. Click Got It to proceed.

B. VOUCHER CODE and CASH ON DELIVERY - A voucher will be delivered to you when you request using the Cash on Delivery option. Enter the amount to pay, ideal time of delivery and address. Expect one of our friendly customer support partners to deliver to your doorstep. You may now scan the voucher using the Voucher code option.

Enter the amount to pay then Initiate Transfer. You may now transfer to Denarii Cash' bank account using the details provided. You will be asked to share a confirmation using the Chat with Us option.

D. ONLINE BANK - Enter the amount you want to recharge in your app and click initiate transfer. Then you need to enter the OTP/ Smart Token from your bank. Click Confirm then Continue to finish the process.

Want to know how to link your online bank account to the app? Follow the steps here: http://support.denarii.cash/en/articles/3801258-how-do-i-link-my-bank-account-to-the-denarii-cash-app

4. Once you have enough fund in your wallet, you may now enjoy our services!

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