1. To add money to your wallet, Launch the Denarii Cash Application

2. On the home page, tap on “Add Money

3. You can choose from the following options on how you want to top up:

Debit/Credit Card- to top up using your debit/credit card, Type in the amount then choose the wallet you are going to use. Then press confirm. You will have to provide your card number, CVV, and expiry date of your card. Then tap “Pay Now” 

Voucher Code- to top up using voucher code, Enter the amount (as in your voucher) and your voucher code. Choose wallet then tap “confirm

QR Code-Simply scan your previous purchased voucher QR code

Bank (Level 2 required)- Send money to Denarii Cash bank details by providing your Denarii Cash Reference Number

4. Once you have enough fund in your wallet, you may now enjoy our services!

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